Hello again!

The last month has been extremely busy! We traveled to the great Northwest and spent time at Image Expo (saw the world premiere of the Pilot for OUTCAST…amazing), and Emerald City Comic Con. It was a very productive show. We have listed lots of new items since our last post with more to come. The long awaited premieres of OUTCAST (Cinemax) and PREACHER (AMC) are coming in a few weeks. Both books have been on fire. I have stocked up again on OUTCAST 1 CGC 9.8, so don’t wait until until the show starts to get this book. The show looks amazing and I fully expect Kirkman and Company will have another hit on their hands. PREACHER has exploded as well. This book has been on the steady path upwards over the last few years in anticipation of this series. I should have some copies in stock by the time the show starts.

On the current release front, BLACK PANTHER was a knockout! I should have a few copies available by the end of the month. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE is still going strong, and the demand for J. Scott Campbell covers continue to impress. SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL was a real sleeper. Very low print runs have this book skyrocketing. All of my First Prints for Issue # 1 are sold out! The untimely passing of music legend Prince, contributed to another sellout for the BATGIRL 40 Movie Variant that paid homage to “Purple Rain”. Back issues of MONSTRESS have also been red hot! HARLEY QUINN back issues have also been strong, especially Issue # 16 featuring the first appearance of “The Gang of Harley’s”. If you haven’t joined our CGC 9.8 Subscription Club, this may be the time to jump in. A new DC Universe launch this summer as well as a number of hot releases from Marvel, and new books from Image make this the perfect time to join!

On the coin front…I am wrapping up pre-sales for the new 2016 Mercury Gold Dime NGC SP70 & SP69. These coins sold out in 40 minutes when they were released. We were fortunate enough to get a few orders when they were released. I expect to have the product in hand by the end of this month.

I have added some “ungraded” comics as well as several unopened (BBCE Certified), Topps Sports Card boxes to the site. Please use the navigation bar on the home screen to see all of the dropdowns and to select the appropriate category when shopping. You can also use the “search” bar at the top of the home screen to scroll alphabetically (if you input “one” letter), or by specific title, or phrase within the title. This will help with navigation as the site grows with additional product listings.

Last but certainly not least, we are happy to offer another sale for the month of May. Effective immediately, until the end of May, you can use the pass phrase “OUTCAST” at checkout to receive a 5% discount on your cart total for one order!

We want to thank everyone for making this site a success, and for your continued business! It is very much appreciated!

Until next time!