Greetings from Chicago!
The summer is in full swing! REBIRTH has launched and has received many positive reviews. The OUTCAST and PREACHER television series are also underway and OUTCAST is clearly receiving the more positive reviews. I think PREACHER has veered away from the comic script significantly, but i still think it’s interesting! Let’s see how these shows progress. We have listed 50+ new issues on the website, and should be receiving another 50+ books in the next week or so from our friends at CGC. They have once again, slowed down the turnaround times on their “Modern-Fast Track”. We have learned to live with the increased turnaround times, especially during the convention season when they take in thousands of books at the shows for processing.
To no one’s surprise, HARLEY QUINN has been a very steady seller with the lead up the the SUICIDE SQUAD movie coming out in early August. We fully expect this movie to be a smash hit and the interest in everything HARLEY QUINN to remain strong! Another phenomenon as of late has been the release of several MICHAEL TURNER VARIANT COVERS. These new releases have sold out and are in extreme demand. The demand for his older variants have skyrocketed since the new introduction of these latest variants.
On the trading card front, MICHAEL JORDAN cards have recently seen a spike in sales. Always a very strong seller, virtually all of his cards have seen new highs realized over the last two months. He is clearly one of those players that will always remain in the forefront of this hobby. Although his initial 1986 FLEER cards are out of range for many collectors, the later FLEER releases are still available in high grades for reasonable prices. Several of his cards have been added to the website. We have also added a number of unopened vintage TOPPS WAX boxes from the 80’s to the site. All of the boxes have been certified by BBCE (Baseball Card Exchange). Unopened material from the 70’s and 80’s continues to see new highs realized due to strong demand. Please contact us directly if you have unopened boxes from this timeframe for any sport. We are always in the market for sports and non-sports related material.
On a final note, we are happy announce our summer sale. Until labor day weekend (ending 9/5/16) you can enjoy a 5% savings when you use the codeword SUMMER at checkout. Once again, we want to thank all of our loyal fans and customers for your business and support! We could not do this without you! Have a wonderful summer!