Super Bowl Sunday Special! New Listings/Sales Updates! Pre-Orders!

Hello again!

It’s that time of year again! Time for the big game and a BIG special offer. For the remainder of the week we will be offering a 15% discount on one order, on all items in our store! This is a very “super” savings opportunity and will expire on Saturday, February 13th at Midnight! So, take advantage and stock up on some of your favorites during this exclusive offer! Use the passcode “SUPER” at checkout!

We have listed “many” new books over the last few weeks as CGC continues to pump out the backlog of orders! Stock up on some of the J. Scott Campbell (Ms. Marvel, Uncanny Avengers, Extraordinary X-Men) exclusives before they sell out. These have been in demand and sales have been brisk! I have a new supply of “Outcast # 1” back in the shop! Sales have been strong in anticipation of this summer’s Showtime series! This will be a hot one for the remainder the year!!! My back-issues of “The Walking Dead” have also been hard to keep in stock. Please check the site often if you are interested in this series, as they sell pretty fast. I am currently sold out of the “Howard The Duck # 1 Gwenpool Variant”. Will try to get a few more in stock before the end of march!

I am taking pre-orders for Batman 50 and will be attending the Emerald Coast Comic-Con in Seattle in early April. Please contact me if you have any interest in the special Batman 50 issue, or any of the Exclusive Variants that will be available at the Seattle Convention (I am sure there will be a Batman 50 Variant available)!

Farewell for now, and Enjoy the Game!!!