Warren Strickland (CGC Universal & Signature Series Collector)

“I’m a comic book collector living in the South-east United States and have been a registered member of the CGC Collectors Society since 2007.

A couple of years ago I was growing ever more unhappy and frustrated with the  subscription service that I was using to acquire new CGC 9.8 graded issues as they were released. The service was missing as many issues as it was providing. The holes in my set were increasing rather than shrinking!

Making a long story short I changed to what is now “Made the Grade.”

They have especially paid close attention to – Variants -, a very important part of my collection, some of them as low in printing volume as 1 for every 300 regular editions printed, making it difficult not to miss an issue.

“Made the Grade” services are currently hitting a 90 to 95% success in  9.8 graded acquisitions for me. Their resources and experience are wide enough so it is rare that an issues is missed.

My – Fantastic Four with all Variants Set – is one of the top ranked sets in the CGC Registry. Currently the set has 485 out a possible 816 books, 71 of which have been supplied by “Made the Grade”, all in 9.8 grade!

Their efforts has not only provided a more reliable subscription service for new issues, but have proved very valuable in filling in a lot of back issues slots.

If your interested in a dependable resource for 9.8 grade books, I can’t recommend “Made-the-Grade” enough.”

I sincerely doubt that you will find someone better at this!

Nuff Said!